5 Must Have Gadgets

In the 21st century, gadgets have become a necessity in our lives. We are always surrounded by gadgets such as our mobile phone, computer, air conditioner and television. Modern technology presents us with a wide variety of gadgets to choose from. There are gadgets available to assist us with almost every chore of ours. However, there are some gadgets that are an absolute ‘must have’ in today’s world.

Here are the top 5 must-have gadgets:


Nowadays, mobile phones are no longer just devices that you could use to make/receive a phone call or send/receive text messages. Mobile phones are now smartphones that help you perform a lot of tasks that you could earlier only perform with a computer. Since the prices of these gadgets have gone down substantially, smartphones are now easily affordable by the common man.


Everything is going digital these days. Most tasks are performed via digital means. Gone are the days when huge physical logs were maintained and when data was entered manually. It is the age of computers. From maintaining records to writing letters, from browsing the internet to watching movies, a personal computer is used for most tasks. The only disadvantage of a PC is that it is not portable. That is why laptops have trumped over personal computers. A laptop is now one of the must-have gadgets.

USB Flash Drive

Also known as a pen drive, the USB flash drive is a very handy gadget that allows you to save all kinds of data and carry it around in your pocket. The best thing about USD fama flash drives is that the data can be erased and new data can be saved on it very easily. These USB flash drives have now become very affordable. Other than pen drives, external hard drives are also available with have the capacity to store upto 6 terrabytes of data.


Because of the creation of digital cameras, it is now very easy to capture memorable moments of life. Despite the fact that most mobile phones now come with inbuilt cameras, they are unable to match the precision, quality and comfort provided by a camera. Digital cameras are now very reasonably priced and are one of the must-have gadgets of the 21st century.

Solar Charger

Smartphones are very useful but they also consume a lot of energy. If used consistently they can run out of battery in a very short time span. You could be in quite a situation if the battery of your phone runs out and you are in dire need of making an emergency fema call. This is why you need a portable charger. A solar charger is the best option as you do not need electricity to charge it. A solar charger that is fully charged can be conveniently used at any time.

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