5 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Cocktails Everyday

There is a lot of science in a glass of a cocktail then you think. For the time being, let’s focus on the alcohol and the innovation that is involved for your health benefit for more info visit. That’s right! You heard me! An alcoholic drink can bring you not only heaps of refreshment but also medicinal properties that can benefit you tremendously. Let’s have a look at why should be drinking cocktails everyday:

Low Calories:

We all get conscious when it comes to counting calories. Drinking plain water or a vodka soda is extremely low-cal yet it is very boring. So, in order to intensify the taste, drinking cocktails is the best option and the plus point is that these drinks are very low in calories yet refreshing.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is very important for the neutralization of damaged skin cells and tissues. Since the cocktails are majorly garnished with citrus fruits that are loaded with vitamin C. Hence having a cocktail will not only cool down our body temperature but will also increase your immune system.

Mixer’s Medical Properties:

Mixers such as tonic water provides medicinal properties in the drink since they contain Quinine, which prevents Malaria. The younger brother ginger (found in ginger beer) is Anti-bacterial, Anti-septic. Anti-viral and loaded with other medical properties.

Spirit’s Medical Properties:

Gin consists of the herbal goodness, which makes it a clear winner. It is composed of juniper berries, rosemary, angelica roots, lemon-grass, sage and etc. are the key source that combat various infections and are highly antioxidants. visit to change pharmacy medication errors

Medicinal properties in Bitters

In a majority of cocktails, bitters are the key ingredients. Bitter like Angostura tends to have restorative properties and contains key ingredients of quinine and orange peel that do wonders to upset stomach.

So chill yourself with a refreshing cocktail as it has multiple health benefits.

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