The Art of Not Getting Holiday Blues

It’s that time of the year again….. Where we all get into the festive mode. Whether it’s celebrating the Christmas tree at home or buying presents for the loved ones, the cheerfulness gets into the spirits of every being (which sometimes get annoying). At large, the holiday season of December is considered a time for family reunion that we ultimately begin to picture a happy family having a hearty meal and exchanging Christmas presents.

For a number of reasons, holiday season become stressful and many individuals anticipate going back to their normal routine. This usually happens to a majority of students who come back home for their holidays and find a hard time adjusting in their own families because of having limited freedom ad plenty of time at disposal. The Christmas holiday season often turns into expectation season, ends up in family members being impatient and cranky. Instead of enjoying the holidays, the students tend to get frustrated, which generates high chances of peace disturbance. Here are some awesome steps that you need to take to make the most of your holidays:

Prepare Yourself for the Holiday Mode:

It’s always good to prepare yourself for everything and that includes getting into the holiday mode. You need to understand that you are going to have a lot of free time and will have to deal with family and relatives throughout. You will no longer be the independent adult as your parents will boss around you but won’t be expected to behave as a kid either. Just focus on being happy and you will do just fine.

Avoid Excessive Expectations:

Though expectations are a part of human nature, it is important that your expectations should not exceed to a certain level. For example, you shouldn’t feel less if you are not given a big warm welcome from your family or the neighbor that you have a crush on isn’t in town! Try to be accommodating and understand that you are a part of the family. Also do pay attention to what is expected of you!

Give Priority to Your Family:

Staying with family for a long period of time can get overwhelming. Especially if you have bossy parents and relatives or annoying siblings who have either over accomplishments or are languid to the core. Just remember that it’s a short time you are going to be spending with them and then you will go back to your old routine. Make memories with them. It’s always good to be around family no matter how incompatible they may seem.

Take a Time-Out:

The best part is, you don’t have to stick with your family all the time. Go out and meet your friends who are in town. You can also meet your old friends or make new ones while you are at it. Christmas season brings people closer and you can have plenty to talk to others and make yourself feel comfortable and relax in the company of your own age group.

Try Something New:

With plenty of time available to you, utilize it by learning new skills to keep you occupied. You can learn how to cook or even become a pro in the game of cards. Whatever makes you feel good, just get into it. Try a new sport or read a book. The list is endless.


Help Others:

It is very essential that you should keep an eye for people who are less fortunate. Those who don’t have a complete family or are stuck in financial crises. Giving them a helping hand can ease out their problems a little and will also make you feel nice from within.

In the end, Christmas and New Year’s holidays are inevitable and to make the most of it, you need to take certain action to get into the holiday spirits. Happy holidays!

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