Benefits of Having a Pet

Almost every child wants to have a pet. Children like to have animals that are cute and cuddly such as cats and dogs, but not all animals are furry e.g. tortoise. There are many benefits of having a pet.

They Make Great Friends

If you want to have a companion that is not judgmental of you then an animal is the perfect option. Pets, whether they are cats, dogs or farm animals, make the best of friends because they are there for you when nobody else is. They do not judge you, your actions or beliefs and are simply there for you through thick and thin. Animals make great friends for adults as well as children.

They Help You Make New Friends

If you take your dog for a walk, or if you take your cat to the park to play, you are likely to make new friends as people who like animals will be attracted to you. They will come and play with your cat or dog and in the meantime you guys will be talking and viola, you have a new friend.

They Teach Children Responsibility

Having an animal in the house is one of the best ways to teach children about responsibility. Simply assigning a daily task to a child, such as feeding the animal, is likely to instill the concept of responsibility in a child. Other responsibilities could include recive bathing the animal, taking out the litter, grooming the animal, taking the animal for a walk (in the case of a dog), cleaning the kennel etc. There will be days when the child does not feel like fulfilling his/her responsibility but then you can gently mydtc remind the him/her that the animal’s life is in his/her hands and that having an animal as a pet means that you must take care of it.

They Teach Children Compassion

Research shows that children who have a pet are more likely to grow up to be compassionate adults as opposed to children who do not have one. Children who have a pet learn to love selflessly and without expecting anything in return (because animals have nothing to give but love and affection).

They Lighten Your Mood

When you enter your house after a long day at work, and have an excited animal run up to you, licking you and circling around your feet, you are likely to lose all your stress and tension. Research shows that playing with an animal helps reduce fatigue and tension. Spending some time with a pet, especially a dog, is known to increase brain activity and increase tranquility and pleasure.

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