Donald Trump: Yay or Nay

Donald trump is The Most Criticized President the United States Has Ever Had!

He has been accused of misogyny and bigotry. He is known for his poor stance on women. He seems to think of them as sex objects and also speaks of his own daughter in a very inappropriate manner. He actually said that if Ivanka Trump had not been his daughter he would have dated her!

Donald Trump and His Policies

Trump is well known for his Muslim Immigrant Ban and for his stance on the Mexican wall. He has put a ban on immigrants from 7 Muslim countries i.e. Sudan, Iran, Libya, Iraq Somalia, Syria and Yemen.  His foreign policy strategies are rather ill conceived. He seems keen to build walls of misunderstanding as opposed to building strong ties.

Donald Trump and The Press

In a few of his press conferences, instead of answering the questions of the media, Donald Trump started calling the media out on their weaknesses and berating them. This shows that he will never be presidential. Furthermore, during the election campaign, he actually went as far as to imitate a disabled reporter and make fun of him. Not only was that a show of a poor sense of humor, but it was also a very insensitive thing to do, especially as a presidential candidate.

Donald Trump and His Media Management

Trump is very fond of tweeting his opinions on Twitter and is known to use profane language not only on Twitter but also in his speeches. During the run up to the elections his speeches were often very irate and delivered in quite an unprofessional way.

Donald Trump and His Wife

His wife, Melania Trump, now the First Lady of the United States, is known to have plagiarized the speeches of Michele Obama. She should have been capable of delivering a plagiarism-free speech. Furthermore, she is not residing in the White House which goes to show that she is not playing her role as the FLOTUS. She claims that her most important role is that of a mother and that she is not staying at the White House because of her son Baron’s education. While the excuse may be valid, her role as FLOTUS is suffering.

All in all, I would say a big nay to Donald Trump. He is not fit to be the 45th President of the United States. He might be a big business man and a television personality, but he is not worthy of being President.

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