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I am a fresh graduate. I just completed my bachelors and after a harrowing three-month job-hunt, I finally landed myself a job as a financial advisor at Citi Bank.  The job market is pretty tough and if you are looking for a job there is bound to be a lot of competition out there which means that you will be giving many interviews before you land yourself a job of your choice. To help you in the job search I have compiled a few tips that might get you through.

Your Resume

If you search the internet, you are likely to find many resume templates. Select one that has a basic format. If you are at the start of your career, make sure your resume is no more than a page long and has clear headings that will help the recruiter in skimming bking through. Do not mention specific dates, simply highlight the month and year of the education or experience you are listing. Make sure the headings are listed in a simple format. Do not italicize text. Always include a passport size image on the top right of your resume.

Interview Tips

  1. Always reach 10 minutes earlier than the time that your interview is scheduled.
  2. Clean shoes are the sign of true professionalism. Make sure your shoes are well-polsihed.
  3. Wear formal clothes newslan for the interview. For men, make sure your belt matches your shoes and that you are wearing a tie bar. Both your cuffs should be even.
  4. Always knock before entering the room where you are to be interviewed.
  5. Greet your interviewer(s) in a courteous way.
  6. Do not seat yourself until idm you have been asked to sit.
  7. Once the interviewer(s) starts to ask questions, keep your replies concise and try to stay focused and to the point
  8. Most interviews these days are conversational, however do not get carried away and don’t start telling tales of your university days.
  9. Briefly outline all the professional goals that you have achieved
  10. Always have a clear idea about what you wish to achieve in the future; one of the favorite questions of interviewers is “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”
  11. Wait till the interviewer(s) has irviral finished asking questions and then ask any questions that you may have about the organization and its culture etc.
  12. Once you have had your chance to ask whatever you like, wait for the interviewer(s) to say that the interview has ended and then thank the interviewer for their time.

Best of luck for the job-hunting process.

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