Good Communication – Key To A Successful Life

I always found it difficult to communicate and don’t even know since when. May be I was born with it. I used to stay quiet and keep everything to myself and when facing a  problem, I used to find the solution on my own. When I look back, I feel that there are several problems I could have avoided or sorted out if only I had  communicated. My problem was that I had communication problem. The problem continued until I started my college and met my girlfriend.  With her, I learned to let go of the habit which had been a problem since long ago. The problems that poor communication can create are often realized after the problem occurs and things get messed up.

According to a survey, man and women have different communication complains. 70% of the experts said that men cite nagging and complaining as the top communication problem, whereas, 83 percent said that women’s top complaint was that their husband doesn’t validate their opinion and feelings enough. Fortunately, communication skills can be enhanced easily and you can learn how to communicate more clearly and effectively.

A Good Body Language

First impression is the last impression. You should always be careful when it comes to body language. Typical communication consists of 50% body language. Eye contact is a form of non-verbal communication and is thought to have a big influence on human behavior. Too much eye contact can make you feel aggressive and too little can send a message of having no interest in what the person is speaking.

Change the Perspective

Think about what you are saying from other person’s perspective. Just because you understand what you mean, doesn’t mean that others will.

Become an Engaged Listener

The ideal conversation should be a total give and take, with each person speaking about 50% of the time. Listening is half of a successful conversation. By listening doesn’t mean hearing. To become an engaged listener you need to listen not only the words that are being spoken, you need to better understand the person and make him/her feel that they are heard and understood.

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