I graduated from college last July and since then I was looking for jobs. After eight unsuccessful interviews with different employers,- (If I count the interviews I failed during college, the total number is twelve),- last week I had my third in a series of interviews for a job I’ve been looking for. I was highly referred to apply in that firm by my teachers and alumni, so I performed extensive research before applying there. Fortunately, just today I got a call from their HR department congratulating me that I’ve aced it!

Dozens of job interviews and no offers kills your confidence. According to a research, 45,000 people commit suicide every year because of unemployment. Generally speaking, the success rate of interviews is very low. On average, every corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes, but only 4-6 people are called for an interview, and only one of those is offered a job. There are several reasons why people don’t get a job they want.

Apply For Jobs That You Think You Can Fit

Do not overstate your qualification in your CV, if you are not  qualified enough for the job, it will come out in the interview. Read the job posting carefully and make sure you understand the duties and challenges you are going to face.

Do Not Exaggerate Your Resume

It is tempting to put little white lies on your resume, but if you want the job, keep your resume honest. If the interviewer catches you in a lie, that will destroy your chances of getting a job. Interviews are less stressful without having to remember what lies you wrote on your resume.

Knowing A Little About the Company

The moment you get the interview call, make sure you put on your Sherlock Homes hat. Visit the company’s website, check out their Facebook page, and find out  maximum information regarding the company you are interviewing for. Candidates who arrive at an interview knowing a little about the company are in poor position to compete with well-prepared ones.

Do Not Apply If the Job Requirement Does Not Meet Your Qualification

If the job title on your resume doesn’t match the job you are applying for, you probably are not going to get an interview call.

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