Every now and then I come across to people who fumble and ramble a lot in their conversations while some have very soft voices that are almost inaudible. After observing them closely, I figured out that they are not able to express their views so they are confused. Such people always find it difficult to speak effectively and lack confidence. From what I have understood, they feel uncomfortable when they connect with new people so here are some ideas that might help you to build confidence in your conversation if you are suffering with uncomfortable fumbles. These ideas may not help you become Tony Robbins or Amal Clooney, but will definitely help you to speak effectively.

Talk to yourself

One of the best ways to improve your presentation style is to talk to yourself while standing in front of a mirror. Most of the times people have no idea what they look like while speaking. Few years back I videotaped a friend while she was rehearsing a speech on digital violence. When she was done I showed her the tape and she was horrified “I had no idea I looked so annoyed while I speak, seems like I’m about to chop someone’s head off.” Looking in the mirror helps you to make yourself look natural and teaches you to make eye contact with people.

Try communicating with a lot of people

When I was in high school, I remember being shy and unable to speak in an audible voice. I lacked confidence so my teacher suggested me to make a list of things I fear. That was the time I realized my greatest fear is communicating so I decided to talk to 3 new people every day and try to exchange thoughts and ideas. By facing this tiny fear for a month, eventually, I was able to participate in debates and quizzes.

Expand your vocabulary

Read as much as you can. It is the best way to increase your vocabulary. By doing so, you will learn new words and phrases without even knowing, and soon, you will be using those words and phrases while communicating.

Get your thinking straight

Muddled thinking is the most common reason of confused messages. When we talk about something we haven’t thought through and are ill-prepared, it will result in fumbling. The first rule of plain talk is to organize your thoughts and think before you speak.

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