Iphone and Android: Who do you support?

I am in search of a good smartphone and am at a loss as to which should I choose. Should I go for an iPhone or should I opt for an Android phone? In order to come to a conclusion I carried out some research. I have listed down a number of differences between the two; if you are plagued by the same question, this analyses might be useful for you:

  • IPhone has a TouchID fingerprint sensor while Android has the ‘smart lock’ tool that uses face recognition or location which is a less secure option. .
  • Androids have a much better way of laying out favorite contacts which are smartly laid out according to the people you call most frequently. On the other hand iPhone has a killer app called Facetime.
  • When you press the lock button both Android and iPhone show you the time. Motorola, HTC and Samsung have sensors and smart covers that show you the time as soon as you pull the phone out of your pocket. Android also has a dim clock that stays on when you are charging your phone at night.
  • Some Android phones have awesome cameras others have awful cameras. When it comes to the iPhone, their camera is always good. However, it’s easier to store pictures with an Android as Google Photos gives you unlimited free storage, while Apple’s ICloud is not worth it.
  • Recently, Apple has started showing lowercase letters on its screen when you are not using the uppercase. But Android’s keyboard is still better than an iPhone’s, especially since it displays punctuation marks on the same screen as the letters.
  • Android is much better in terms of how it allows you to organize your apps. You can place the ones that you use the most on the home screen and hide the rest in the app drawer.
  • Android’s widgets are much better than Apple’s.
  • Apple has Google Play Music which offers free music, while iPhone has Apple Music which does not offer free music but integrates well with your iTunes downloads.
  • Google Maps is available on both Android and iPhone but Siri can’t use Google Maps. Apple has a Maps App but that is still inferior as compared to Google Maps.
  • Android has a voice assistant that types as you talk, and works offline. But Siri understands language better than Android.

Based on this analysis, and on my needs, I decided to buy an Android phone. You might still prefer an iPhone, which has its own benefits, but at least now you can make an informed decision.

By admin At March 27, 2017 [addtoany]


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