How Often Should I Switch My Job?

Switching jobs over and over again used to leave a bad impression on your resume. It lead the recruiters think that you are bad at holding out a job, can’t get along with your colleagues or just you are disloyal and can’t commit for a longer period. Longevity in the same job position was considered as a sign of reliability, stability and loyalty. However, these trends have changed over time. Employees now switch from job to job over their career in search of better opportunities and benefits.

According to research, the average person switch their jobs around ten to fifteen times in their entire career.  Regardless of whether you are an old-school and prefer predictability, or a youngster who embrace opportunities, you must list down the number of solid reasons for seeking another job when you already have a stable one in your hand.

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While some employers see frequent job switching as ambitious and go-getting, others see it as a negative thing entirely. The market is changing so fast these days that mostly young people does not want to stay at the same position for longer than three years.

Job-hopping is not considered a negative thing anymore. It’s a way to look for better opportunities, get higher pay and to learn new skills. Some employers might take advantage of you if you stay with them for a longer duration, they will assume that you are not flexible so don’t want to leave. This is why it is recommended to switch job after every three to four years.

Every hiring authority holding your resume in your next job interview wants to know why you changes jobs. You must have relevant answers showing sound decisions and good explanation because if you can’t show that your each move is a progression, you won’t be able to get that job. Because employees do not want to invest their time and money on someone who is not going to give return in investment.

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