Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage? – The Never Ending Debate

Being a country girl in her mid-twenties and living in an urban area for studies, whenever I visit my parents, I inevitably face the questions that haunts and annoys me to death “When are you getting married?” Since I am an ambitious girl so marriage doesn’t look appetizing. There is more in life than cooking for your husband and looking after kids. No offense that marriage is an important social institution, eventually, I will get married too.  But the question is “love or arranged?’

Whenever we talk about marriage, this is the first question that hit our minds. There has always been a constant battle and a continuous debate about the best way to choose a  partner and a lot of people jump into the discussion.  Let’s analyze which one’s better – love or arranged?

Arranged Marriage


  • You can always blame others if things don’t work out.
  • It relieves the anxiety that your parents may not like your partner.
  • Your family have your back! They will always support you.


  • There is an element of risk. Everyone wears a mask of pretentiousness now-a-days, that families just can’t figure out in several meetings.
  • From awkward first dates to amazing one-night stands, you miss out the adventure that gives you many experiences.
  • There is no way to get to know if you’ve found your Mr. Right or not. If things don’t work out after marriage, people often end up divorcing each other.

Love Marriage


  • You already know the positive and negative points of your partner so it gets easier for you to adjust.
  • Couples get enough time before marriage to figure out their compatibility with each other.
  • It has a higher rate of success as it occurs from mutual attraction of the individual.


  • Sometimes relatives don’t approve of your choice so there is a lack of family support.
  • There is a risk of marriage breaking off if the love wears out or the couple is tired of each other.
  • People expects a lot from each other when they are in love. They often fail to accept the change in spouse’s behavior that might occur after marriage.

Whether its love marriage or arranged marriage, both have their pros and cons. It is difficult to predict the ideal sort of marriage. Ultimately it is up to individual because every relationship requires trust, understanding, adjustment and compromises.

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