Modernization of Education Required

Are students at schools and universities still using notebooks, and writing with pencils or pens? Are they still required to carry backpacks laden with books? Does the teacher still use a black board or a white board to deliver lectures?

The education system is one that needs the most attention. After all we need to raise generations who are current and well aware. When it comes to modernization of education, what I mean to say is that technology needs to be integrated into the learning process. Instead of carrying notebooks students should be doing their work on a laptop or tablet PC. Instead of carrying a backpack that is filled with books, they should be downloading PDF versions of the required textbooks. Furthermore lectures should be delivered on PowerPoint and projected through multimedia.

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It is utterly important that the education system be revamped. It will take a lot of investment on the part of schools as well as parents to do so, and not every Institute affords to be modernized but at least the process should begin. One by one, all schools should modernize the way that they teach students.

The benefits of modernization are many. First and foremost, students are well informed and technologically adept. Secondly, it saves a lot of time and effort as technology allows students and teachers alike to work faster and better. Furthermore, it allows schools to save resources. Given that the educational process will become paper-free, the modernization of education is environment-friendly. The greatest advantage is that students will be able to perform better as technology allows them to work faster and with more accuracy.

There are some disadvantages of modernization of education. It takes students away from traditional means of working such as writing using a paper and pen which may result in poor handwriting. Since computers come with inbuilt spell check tools, students’ language skills may become weak. Furthermore they will become habitual of finding the easy way out for everything instead of doing hard work. Gone are the days when research meant going to the library and taking down books to find information. Now Google has the answer to everything. This could be a good thing, but it has its downsides.

On the whole, the positive points of modernization of education outweigh the negative points. A lot of investment and effort needs to be put in by the government and by educational institutes to make it possible.

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