Optinchat Review 2017

If you are a blogger then you must be quite aware how important it is for people with profession or hobbies like us to bring traffic to our blogs. When it comes to bringing traffic, email list building is one of the most important prospect. But the toughest task is to build a high-quality list because in that you aim to convert your viewers into your subscribers or customers.

One of my friends suggested me to use a tool known as “OptinChat.” I found the name of the tool interesting so didn’t hesitate to try it out. When I opened the website I was quite impressed with the layout, just one word for it “minimalist!” I discovered more and the tool turned out to be something I was looking for since ages. I needed to increase my e-mail list and got a lot more than I expected. Tagging OptinChat as just a live chat would be a blasphemy because it is a lot more, not just it works as a live chat but it actually is a LIVE chat. It helps the user to create their own chat modules for visitors that includes few personal Q and A’s. This is one of the strategies of knowing the user better.

I then came across the testimonials and was stunned to read them out. They surely have the ability to leave the customers satisfied. The tool has already helped me in gaining more that 20% of subscribers,

looking forward to gain more in just a few days.

I’m sure that just like me you want to explore the website too, but first, let me give you a brief review about its great features that would result in increasing your understanding about it.

Works on any device you want!

One of the features people look for these days in a website is that they can use it not in just their computer, but tablets and phones as well. OptinChat chat is mobile friendly that makes it easier to use. If we take a look of statistics on what device people use internet the most then we all are well aware of the answer – mobile phones.

Easy to sign up

When you reach the sign-up page all you’ll be asked is just your email address and password. After entering the relevant information click the sign-up, your profile is created instantly and next steps are steps are piece of cake. All you got to do is to fill-in some basic information like top-bar name, profile picture, into and some other details that can make or break your impression.

Funnel Visualization to make things smooth


The tools helps you to visualize the overall stats of your profile. Be it unique views to emails and names, the data is clearly shown in the graph. Well, the above screenshot is from the newest profile I made so sadly I’ve got just 2 views in the span of 3 minutes. Not bad, isn’t it?

For OptinChat, Privacy matters!

One of the main concerns of people today is privacy. The tool respects that and ensures to keep the data on secure servers, secured by HTTPS. Not just our data is safe but it can also not be accessed by anyone else.

The popularity of the tool is increasing day-by-day as it is being by various bloggers and websites owners already.  The tool is convenient because there is no need to worry about email collection anymore because this new tool is undoubtedly unique with the ability to collect email ID with Al Chat.

What are you waiting for? Explore the website and start using it!

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