Tornado to hit US: Be prepared!

A woman killed by uproot tree and another one during a tornado which caused damage to homes and lifted vehicles off. Severe tornado warning has been issued to large areas of the central US including Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana. 45 million people’s life is at stake as they spent last night under a tornado watch. Storm Prediction Centre has warned of winds above 111mph.

Tornado is the nature’s most violent storms that can cause fatalities and destroy a neighborhood in seconds. The formation of tornado follows a clear set of steps. First the direction of the wind changes with the increase in speed. Next, rising air within the thunderstorm’s updraft tilts the rotating air from horizontal to vertical. Third, an area of rotation, 3-10 km wide is contained within a vast majority of storm. Lastly, a tornado develops and starts the destruction. On average, 60 people are killed every year by tornadoes. 1704 confirmed tornadoes killed 533 people in 2011 in US.

If your area is under a tornado watch, you need to know how to protect yourself at such situation. Here are some basic tips:

1. Plan where you need to go:

You and your family should find a safe place to go in event of tornado. Pick a safe room at house, this could be the basement or any floor with no windows.

2. Listen to radio or TV:

Stay alert all the time during the watch, making sure that you have the latest information about it.

3. Keep first-aid kid and fire extinguisher:

Mark clearly where the first-aid kit and fire extinguisher are located. Learn to use a fire extinguisher and make sure your first-aid kid is properly stocked.


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