Ways to Invest Money

The stock market just crashed and took all your savings and investments down with it. You are at a loss what to do. However, if you have invested your money in alternatives to the stock market then there is nothing to fear. The following 5 ways are all alternatives to investing money in the stock market:

1.    Peer-to-peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending takes the banker out of the lending equation. That means a higher rate of return for the investor and a lower rate and fees to the borrower. This makes repayment of the loan more likely because it is less expensive for the borrower.

2.    Precious Metals

The value of precious metals is correlated to the movements in the dollar. When the dollar is weak, precious metals (such as gold) gain. When the dollar is strong, the rate of precious metals falls. Since the transition in the dollar is unpredictable it is best to have some precious metals at all times. It is a good way to invest your money.

The real benefit of having gold or silver is that you can keep it at home or in a safe place and if there is a financial or an economic collapse you can use your gold or silver for barter.

3.    Investing in Real Estate

Investing your money in real estate can really be beneficial because there are times when there is a boom in real estate and you can earn tremendously by investing in it. On the other hand there are times when the market collapses and then there are many investment-worthy options. Real estate can earn income for you through rent or through capital appreciation or both.

4.    A CD Ladder

A CD ladder is a portfolio of Certificates of Deposit with delayed maturity dates. For example, it is possible to build a CD ladder out of a portfolio of CDs that mature in one, two, three, four and five years. This gives you the ability to buy CDs at higher rates each year, if the interest rate increases. CDs are a good and relatively safe investment of your money.

5.    Collectibles

Collectibles include antiques, numismatic coins, artwork and other similar treasures bought against money. The price or value of these does not fluctuate with the dollar. Their value is simply based on the amount the buyer is willing to spend on it at any particular time. Since these do not have any fixed price they can sometimes lead to a loss. The best bet is to buy something that you will truly enjoy owning so that even if it is unsold or sold at a less value you would have at least enjoyed owning it.

These were some ways to invest money other than the stock market. No way of investing money is free of risks, however one can try to invest in options that are less risky.

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