What Is Google Classroom?

As we all already know, classroom apparently isn’t the only place where we learn.  Learning is a lifelong process that starts from the day we are born and continue till we die. From seeking help from parents for homework, to extra-curricular activities, to museum visits and what not!? There are so many ways students can learn beyond those boring walls of the classroom. This is one of the reasons that Google announced its new feature Google Classroom. Stay alert students!  Despite of all the good features, there is a bad news for you. Summaries of your work can be shared to your parents instantly through Google Classroom. Now your parent won’t have to wait for months to get your academic progress in parents-teachers conference.

Instant. Paperless. Easy. It is a free collaboration tool for teachers and students where teachers can create an online classroom, invite students to the class then create and distribute assignments. Within the Google Classroom students and teachers can have conversations about the assignments and teachers can track the student’s progress regardless of place and time. Of course, all these perks come absolutely free, and because this is a Google product, you are guaranteed a user experience of superb quality. Schools must register for a free Google Apps for Education account to use Classroom.

Easy to use and accessible from all devices

You can use access this feature through the chrome browser from your computer, mobile phone, and tablets. You can add as many learners as you like in the classroom. It is equally easy for learners to log-in as well as receive their assignments.

Speeds up the assignment process

You can create an assignment and distribute it to students in just few clicks. Assignment process has never been faster and more effective before. You can now check who has submitted their assignment and who is still working on it, as well as offer your response immediately.

Papers are obsolete

You now have the ability to go paperless and stop worrying about printing, handing out, or even losing your learners’ work!

Everyone can use it

Educators can also join Google Classroom as learners, which means that you can create a Google Classroom for you and your colleagues and use it for faculty meetings, information sharing, or professional development.


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