Write a Thesis in Less Than 7 Days

Got to submit the most important project of your Bachelor’s degree and you are on a verge of quitting the semester? Hang in there! You are not the only one so there’s nothing to worry about because writing a thesis freaks every student out; regardless to how bright and brilliant they are!

Thesis can be easy and difficult, both. It all depends upon how motivated you are to gather a bulk of relevant information for research and work a little harder than you did in your pervious projects.

This is how you can cut short the “difficult” part from your thesis if you ponder these simple steps:

Establish The Idea In Your Stubborn Mind

Figure out the ideas thoroughly and you are able to see relations and acquaintances between the points you have thought. When your opinions are clear about how and what you are going to write, the work gets easier. Mind-mapping is a really powerful technique to capture the ideas on paper which are stuck in your head.

Set A Routine

Make a plan on how many chapters or which part of the report you are going to cover in a day and divide them equally. All you need to do is to spend quality and productive 3-4 hours a day, every day. Switch off your cellphone during that period and do not even think of procrastinating. Keep in mind that you will have enough time to have fun when you are done with your degree.

No Need To Start Writing From The Beginning

You can start writing your thesis with the chapters you like. No need to start with the introduction part or the thesis statement first. It varies from student to student which part is easiest. Sometimes they find “introduction” or “literature review” the toughest and leave it until end.

Now don’t waste any more time – grab a pen and notebook and start working!

When to end?

Complete all your research and writing two days before the submission and assign the last two days for proofread, printing and binding.

Follow the directions and best of luck for your thesis!

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